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    Share Accounts

    At IRS Buffalo FCU a share account is required to maintain membership. It is similar to a savings account, however, it is called a share account because when you join, you own a share of the credit union. The minimum amount we require in a share account is $5 and this must stay in the account to maintain membership, and there is a $1 joining fee. Owners have voting rights and annually elect members to the Board of Directors. Owners may be the primary borrower on a loan.

    Draft Accounts

    Our draft accounts are similar to checking accounts. They are called share draft accounts because they are drafting from your shares in the credit union. No minimum balance is required. Money must be in your draft account if you want to use your MasterCard debit card for purchases, the card will not look at the share account.

    If you write a share draft (check) or have bills electronically withdrawn for your draft and there is not enough to cover the withdrawal:

    • If funds are available, funds will transfer from your share account.
    • If you have an Overdraft Line of Credit (LOC) or variable LOC and funds are available, funds will transfer from your LOC.
    • If funds are not available in your share nor LOC, we do offer Courtesy Pay. A fee is charged.
    • View Our Courtesy Pay Policy.

    Joint Accounts

    You may have someone else on your account, this would be a joint account. Joint members do not have voting rights and Joint members cannot be primary on a loan.

    Certificate Rates

    Rates Effective as of January 1, 2019
    3 months .35%
    6 months .40%
    12 months .50%
    18 months .55%
    24 months 1.00%

    *All rates are expressed as ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD (APY). Terms and limits are subject to change without notice.

    ATM Cards/MasterCard Debit Cards

    We offer ATM and MasterCard Debit Cards. You must have a share draft (checking) account to have a debit card. Both cards can be used to make deposits, withdrawals and transfers at an ATM.

    If you lose your card, want to dispute a transaction or missed a call about suspected fraud on your card call 1-855-710-3060. They can also help you when we are not available, however they do not know your account balances. They can only help with card issues.

    Don't forget you can use your card in the Cashback Mall to earn even more cash back on your purchases.

    • Note that the daily withdrawal limit is $500, plus $10 for fees.
    • Each ATM machine owner sets their own limits, so even though our daily limit is $500 and you have that in your account, the machine may not give it to you because its limit is less than $500 per transaction.
    • Money can be taken from either your share (savings) or share draft (checking) account.
    • If an ATM has an option for “Quick Cash” will come from your share draft account.
    • We allow 4 free ATM transactions per month. Each ATM transaction after that is $1/each.
    • PINs are set by you when you activate the card
    • To activate your card, pick a PIN or change your PIN call 1-866-985-2273
    • If you forgot your PIN, or just want to change it, you can do so every 24 hours from the phone number we have on file.
    • And remember to add your card to your digital wallet for easy checkout!

    When you have a valid share draft account you may also use the card to make purchases. There are restrictions and limits on your cards for your protection.

    • Cards are monitored for potential fraud
    • The cards “learn” your usage habits
    • Unusual transactions may be denied as suspected fraud
    • Multiple tries of the same transaction could also result in denial
    • If fraud is suspected on your card, it will be put into what is called “warm” status.
    • Our monitoring service can help determine if the transactions were valid and remove the “warm” status. Their number is 1-855-710-3060.
    • This is also the number to call if you are disputing a transaction - 1-855-710-3060
    • Apply for a line of credit to be attached to your debit card and it is like having a MasterCard credit card!

    We recommend using it for signature purchases, meaning no PIN needed, just your signature:

    • Your limit is the lesser of $5,000 or your available balance
    • We do not charge a fee for making signature purchases
    • We do receive income when you make a purchase, this helps us pay for the cards and allows us to not charge a fee for signature purchases

    You may use your PIN to make a purchase:

    • This is recommended when you want cash back
    • Just remember, the limit is the lesser or $500 or your available balance. This a combined limit for ATM withdrawals and PIN purchases.
    • Each merchant has their own limit and purchase requirement, so check before making your purchase

    Overdraft Opt-In

    Yes, we do have courtesy pay and you may have opted in, however that does not guarantee a transaction will be approved for the amount requested if it is over your available balance.
    The opt-in form is available here

    Need to find an ATM?

    We are currently on the MoneyPass networks. These networks do not charge a fee for your transaction on their machines.

    Direct Deposit

    If you are a Federal employee and setting up a direct deposit on Employee Express, please remember there are two options:

    1. Financial Allotment
    • Money is taken from your pay every pay day
    • Money is sent to us every pay day
    2. Discretionary Allotment
    • Money is taken from your pay every pay day
    • b. Money is sent to us once a month, usually the last pay of the month

    For any direct deposit, you will need: our routing (ABA) number: 222079754 and your account number.

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